How to choose the perfect doghouse

A happy dog has to have the right rest and sleep, and a good dog house is something very important for to assure that your dog is in a dog kennel that accommodates all their needs. Even more if your furry friend sleeps outdoors.

Wooden dog homes are the most popular type of dog homes and everybody remember the charm of one dog home in a snoopy style. But, nowadays we can find all kind of designs: some with patios and front porch and others even in duplex styles, complete fancy little mansions. Wooden houses do need to be assembled at home and are harder to maintain, so keep that in mind if you want to choose this type.

Plastic houses are easier to set up and maintain, but is not so good to keep it insulated if you live in an area with very cold climates. You can choose them because they will be much easier to clean and move around and you can insulate it by picking a good dog bed for your pet.

The wood and plastic dog houses are what you will find more often. Other options can be a fabric dog home or even a recycle an old wine barrel for a greener option.

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