Maybe you thought that buying dog beds is something too fancy, but the fact is that as an adult dog may sleep 14 to 16 hours a day, and the quality of your pet’s health is proportional on how your they sleep.

And if your dog have arthritic problems, an orthopedic dog bed can be a great relief for the joint pain.

Furthermore, since dogs are very territorial, it makes a lot of sense to give them their own comfortable bed.

At the end, it is a smart move on your side as well to keep your dog off of furniture: all the smell and the hair, not to mention the bites and scratches on your favorite sofa or your white clean bed can be avoided with a good comfortable bed.

First of all, choosing between all kind of products we have available, it is important to know where your dog use to sleep. If your pet is an outdoor sleeper, maybe a mattress dog bed can be the right one and you can put it inside a dog house, making an insulated environment for your furry friend. Doing it in this way, you can prevent to increase joint pain in the winter, for instance, during the excessively cold days. Another way around, a proper model, like an elevated dog bed, can provide air circulation on summer for those pets who have heavy coat and a raised dog bed also prevents insect invasion, allowing a cleaner place and even healthier too.

Large dog beds or small ones is one issue directly connected with the size of your dog and, in order to get the right bed dog size, you need to measure your dog: from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and from the floor to the top of the head. You will add 12 inches to the two measurements and you will have the minimum size of a mattress bed. Another tip is measure your dog when they are sleeping: curls way (the diameter) or fully out stretched (again from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail). If your dog sleeps curled, this second measurement (plus 7 to 9 inches) will give you the right size for a nest or ball type of dog bed. For the full stretched out kind of sleeper, you can add 12 inches for a minimum bed size.

One observation about the nest bed type: they provide a great insulation for the cold weather, but most of them are just fabric and fill and, because of that, they are more appropriate to indoor use only. You can get a heating element as well, in order to give some extra warmth when the time demands it. But, be aware that if your dog is one chewing kind of pet, always remember to hide the cord of the heater unit.

If your dog is a puppy, let room for their growth and remember of the breed size for to give proper space when your pet is fully grown.

Another type of bed to consider is a sofa dog bed, if you are thinking in some model that matches with your décor: it is more like furniture type bed. It can be very visually attractive, but if your pet has arthritis, it can be difficult to climb on it when it comes time to sleep and the right choice may be an orthopedic dog bed. The sofa shape bed can be more expensive as well, because it has wood frames and fabric (or even leather) finishing like a real couch.

Speaking of fabrics, we can’t call dogs a very clean being, so another thing to look for is a stain-resistant finish on the fabrics fabric that can be machine-washable. And if you are thinking about the sofa models, you can save a lot of effort and money if you purchase one extra slip cover for it. Take out the slip cover once a week, so it will remain always clean and your dog can enjoy their sleep time with more comfort.

And if your pet is getting old, you may face that they might be developing arthritis or having other health issues that demands an extra care in the healing process, like an orthopedic dog bed. Specially built to provide support for the body weight on pressuring their joints, it is made of memory foam which can be good for large dogs as well, once being this big, they need more support for their body as well. A real good orthopedic dog bed can’t be made in polyester fiber, because only a memory foam can give the support your dog needs when sleeping.

Obviously, you may enjoy a nap with your pet on your own bed or sofa, but certainly your pet will have a wonderful time having their own private comfortable bed.

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