6 essential tips on buying the perfect dog houses for sale

A dog house is a place that your pet can rest from chasing squirrels, rejuvenate from a day of playing fetch and just escape a while from that pesky cat. Because a sleeping space is so important to your dog, especially if he is an outside only dog, it is very important to put a lot of thought into the dog houses for sale that you are considering.

As you begin your search for the perfect place for your dog to rest their head, here are 6 things to consider before purchasing…

Consider the temperature where you live. It will play a big part in picking the right outdoor home for your pet.

Depending upon where you live, you will need to think about the temperature there and how it will affect your dog. Colder climates will require more insulation inside of a dog house than areas that are warmer through out the year. Be sure to read up on all the specifics regarding insulation before making a final purchase. It will keep you from having to think up ways to add more insulation later on or from having to return the dog house all together.

Pay attention to the height requirements before buying. It will save you A LOT of trouble in the long run.

Far too many pet owners fail to measure their dog against the height requirements of dog houses for sale because they simply do not think about it mattering quite so much. However, not measuring your pet can lead to a need to send back the product you ordered. This can be an unnecessary headache, leading to the need to ship back the dog house and then start the dog house hunt all over again. When looking for dog houses for sale, be sure to look through product specifics that can be found in product details.

Don’t forget think about the weight of your dog.

Weight matters too when it comes finding dog houses for large dogs. Just like dog kennels, the weight of your dog plays a role in ensuring that the house can withstand the weight of your dog and that the dog house is comfortable for your pet. If your pet has not been weighed at the vet in a while, weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your dog. Your dog will weigh the difference.

If you live in a cold climate, pick the smallest house that is still a comfortable fit for your dog. It will keep the cold at bay.

Every pet owner wants to give their pet the very best dog shelters. This is because your pet is so much like a real part of your family. You want them to be comfortable and many times comfort to humans seems like it would mean more space. However, if a dog house is too big for your dog, it will let in too much outside air. This can make an otherwise warm, insulated dog house a chilly, cold dog house that will leave your dog shivering in the evening hours. When you live in a colder area, always look for insulated dog houses that are just big enough to accommodate your dog and no bigger.

More expensive doesn’t have to mean better. Sometimes it simply means cheaper.

Many families believe that the more expensive a dog house sale price is… the better the house itself will be for their dog. However, this is simply not true. There are many very warm and high quality dog houses available that are affordable for families even on a small budget. For this reason, never ignore dog houses for sale based on price alone. You might discover that the cheapest dog house on the list was the best for your family and many have the potential to last for years.

Consider cedar chips to add warmth and comfort. Your dog will thank you.

Your dog will need something soft to lay on and cedar can add both comfort and warmth. This is especially important for older dogs and dogs who live in colder temperatures. However, even if you are not concerned with wind chill, you should still put down a soft material that your dog can rest and relax in. Whether you are looking for dog houses for large dogs, wooden dog houses or a sleeping space for tiny dogs, the place where your dog rests is such an important part of their day, so do not rely on dog house promotion alone. It is where they find the renewed energy to greet you at the door each day, to fetch you the daily paper or just to chew up your new slippers. No matter what kind of dog you have, your dog is a part of your family and where he rests matters. When you take the time to research dog houses before buying, you will find the perfect house for your pet that he can love for a lifetime.

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