6 essential features of dog crates

Dog crates are a vital part of pet care and can ensure that your dog is safe, secure and sound while you cannot be home with them. Each dog needs a space all their own and sometimes… you just need the break too. Aside from giving your dog his or her own space to enjoy, here are 6 useful uses for kennels…

A dog crate can help you to potty train your dog.

One of the most effective ways to train your dog to use the restroom outside and not on the carpet is to utilize crate training. This works by limiting the amount of time that your dog is out of the crate until they need to use the restroom. Because most dogs will not use the restroom where they are lying, this creates an urgency to get out of the crate and go outdoors.

This training is so effective, that it usually only takes a few days to accomplish. While there are bound to be some trial and error, crate training is a great way to teach your dog how to use the door… and not the floor.

A dog kennel can ease anxiety in anxious dogs.

Anxiety in dogs is quite common. Some dogs are afraid of thunder and lightning. Other dogs are afraid of cars. Some dogs are afraid of strangers and some dogs just seem to be nervous at just about everything that moves. Utilizing the help of dog crates can help your anxious dog to de-stress.

Enclosed spaces make dogs feel secure. When your dog is feeling uneasy, if you place them inside of their crate they will be much more inclined to calm down faster than if they were out in the open. If your dog is nervous when you leave the house, knowing that they are inside their crate feeling calm may help to ease your nerves too.

Heavy duty dog crates can ensure your dog stays safely put while you are away.

Some crates simply cannot hold up to the task of keeping your pooch put. One swift wiggle and things could go array. However, heavy duty dog crates are able to withstand just about anything. This may be especially important for dog owners with larger dogs who are more capable of wreaking havoc on their kennel.

If you are unsure if a kennel is considered heavy duty, be sure to read the fine print and the product details. This should tell you everything that you need to know. However, reviews from owners with similar sized dogs may be helpful as well.

Wire dog crates make for easier clean up.

A safe space to keep your dog when you need to put him away for a while is vital. However, if the floor to a crate is solid, the cleanup can be a real nightmare. This is especially true if your pet is prone to using the restroom from time to time on accident in their kennel.

Wire crates make clean up easy. They can simply be sprayed down and disinfected, allowed to drip dry. This is an important selling point for those who have little time for clean-up and for those with dogs who have yet to get the hang of potty training outdoors.

Dog crates can make travel simpler for the whole family.

While many vacation spots allow for pets to come along on the journey and stay inside the cottage, room or cabin with the family… there is a fee for damages if they occur. This is a risk that many pet owners simply do not want to have to worry about.

In new environments, dogs can act out of character. This can be a combination of a strange new place, strange new people and nervousness. If you bring along a kennel when you travel, you will be able to put your dog inside of it if things start to go haywire. Having a crate along also means that you can leave the cabin, room or cottage to go out for dinner without having to worry about returning from your trip to thousands of dollars in pet damage fees.

Crates are versatile.

From dog crates for large dogs to small dog crates, there is a crate size for every pet. This gives you plenty of opportunities to choose the perfect crate for your dog.


Giving your dog a space of their own shows that you care about your pet and it helps to ensure not only their safety, but also their ability to learn to potty train and to feel secure. Remember that when you are searching for the perfect crate, you should always do your research. When looking for dog crates for sale, read up on the details and be sure to check the reviews. Doing so will save you a lot of stress and make sure that you find the kennel that is right for your dog.

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