5 tips on creating the perfect large dog crate

When it comes to items that every pet needs in their life, a large dog crate is one of those items that you simply cannot live without. Crates give you a place to hold your pets while company is around, when they aren’t acting their best and when they are trying to learn to use the restroom outdoors.

They give you peace of mind when you are away.

When it comes to big dog crates, 2.5 large dog crates are a must have for their spacious room and their comfortable living space. If you are considering purchasing one for your pet, here are 5 ways a large crate can make your life easier…

If you have a dog that you cannot leave home alone without the fear of them getting into trouble, you may spend the better part of your work day worried about what they are doing back home or what they are destroying. Some large dog breed crates are so spacious and roomy that not only does your dog have plenty of room to rest and relax in the crate, you have the peace of mind of knowing that there is plenty of room for comfort while they await your return home.

They are perfect for training purposes.

If you have a large dog, experts recommend crates to help pet parents to potty train their pets. You simply leave your pet in the crate until they need to go outside, then you take them out. The process typically does not take a long time and the end results are well worth the extra effort. While all dogs will have accidents from time to time, crate training ensures that you can stop worrying so much about your carpet and start trusting your dog to make it to the door on time.

They make a great first room for puppies.

If you have other pets inside your house and you must leave your pets home alone sometimes, having new puppies can be very trying. New puppies can ruin perfect carpet, chew up favorite furniture and in cases where you have multiple pets, they may not be safe left alone with other more territorial pets inside of your home. For this reason, 2.5 large dog crates make a great and comfy place where newborn dogs can feel safe together with their brothers and sisters as well as feel like they have enough room to play around until they can be let out again.

A large dog crate makes traveling easier.

If you and your spouse are going away on a family vacation, you may wish to take your pet along. While many cabins and cottages allow for pets, damages do cost you extra and, in most cases, quite a bit. In a new strange place, your dog may not act like his normal, well behaved self. He may even get a little anxious. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to travel with a dog crate when you vacation with your family pets. Knowing that you can put your pets in a safe place if needed is vital.

You may also wish to go out to dinner while you are away. Having a crate means that you won’t have to worry what your pet is doing back at the cabin or cottage while you are enjoying a steak with your family. Having to worry about things like this can defeat the purpose of even going on a vacation… so always be sure to bring along one of your 2.5 large dog crates when you are traveling with your pet in tow.

They ease anxiety for nervous pets.

Some dogs have a lot of trouble dealing with anxiety. Open spaces can make that anxiety worse. Experts say that a closed in feeling with enough room to turn and get comfortable is the best way to ease nerves in some pets. Many dogs may get jumpy at the thought of a thunderstorm.

Other dogs may just be anxious about strangers. However, the most common reason for anxiety is when a pet is away from their owner. Some families even place an item within the crate that belongs to them and has their smell on it to further help the dog to relax alone. When you know that your dog’s anxiety is lessened, it will lessen your anxiety about their well-being too.

Crates that are the perfect size will always make your life, and your dog’s life, a little easier. Remember, when you are looking for a crate for large dogs, research is key. Know as much as you can about the crate you wish to buy before you buy it. This can ensure that you get the perfect crate for your large dog the first time… and this can make your life simpler too.

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