Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Discover the Benefits of Dog Clothes and Tips on How to Purchase them

For thousands of years, the apparel industry has mainly been devoted to the clothing needs of human beings. This trend has gradually been shifting to clothing designs for animals such as canines. Animal clothing, however, has been in existence for quite a long time, especially in ancient dynasties where horses wore body armor to shield them from harm and identify them as well.

Currently, animal clothing is a trend that is attracting the attention of numerous individuals, organizations and institutions. For a while now, the law enforcement and military agencies have been utilizing custom-made dog apparel to protect their dogs from harmful surroundings and attacks. Additionally, the fashion industry has displayed a high interest in dog fashion by introducing clothing lines specifically devoted to canines of different sizes or breeds.

Available Clothes for Dogs

The need to get the best clothing for a dog among many canine owners has elicited high creativity in the creation of dog clothes. As so, different designers and fashion houses have gone out of their way to try to meet this high demand. Customized apparel such Dog costume dog t-shirts are also available. They are labeled with varying brands like DC Comics symbols such as Batman and Superman.

Items available in the market include sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, warm socks, dresses, coats, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, blouses, vests, shoes and hats. These outfits are available in both regular and designer dog apparel options to suit the preferences and financial capabilities of different canine owners.

Canine owners can rely on stores or shops specializing in dog clothing to get the best dog harness or any other item for their dogs. These stores can be accessed via physical locations around cities or towns as well as through the Internet.

Materials Used to Make Clothes for Dogs

Making clothes specifically for canines calls for care when choosing the fabrics or materials to use. Whether it is designing a dog coat or dog tuxedo, manufacturers or designers make sure that the material complements a canine’s clothing needs. Factors such as the sensitivity of a dog’s skin, freedom of movement and level of warmth come in handy in picking the ideal material.

Why you should Buy Clothes for your Dog

a. Protection Purposes

More often than not, most canine owners overestimate the toughness of dogs’ feet. Although the canine feet can withstand cold in a better manner than human feet, they are still susceptible to harm from rough pavements and other abrasive surfaces.

b. Health

Currently, different fashion designers and clothing stores have introduced barely-there clothing for dogs including dog t-shirts and hoodies. These garments are made from thin and soft jersey cotton, which can aid dogs in combating allergies. A dog costume serves as a protective barrier for the skin against allergens. Furthermore, individuals prone to allergic reactions caused by dog dander are protected. This is because the dog costume traps the fur and particles from a dog as opposed to being dropped all over the house.

c. Additional Insulation/Warmth

Different canines possess distinct cold resistance mechanisms due to the varying thickness of their fur or coat. Hence, opting for a dog coat for your canine pet during the cold weather is an ideal option to protect it from cold-related illnesses.

d. Visibility

When heading out with your dog, for instance on a hunting expedition or nighttime walk, it is imperative to keep your canine in sight. A comfortable dog harness or leash usually comes in handy for most canine owners. However, selecting conspicuous dog apparel helps to keep a close eye on your canine without restricting its movements. Visible dog sweaters or dog t-shirts for off-leash walking purposes are ideal, especially in the dark.

How to Make the Right Purchase for Dog Clothes

The excitement accompanied by shopping your clothes is analogous to what one feels when buying clothes for his or her canine friend. This endeavor offers an excellent opportunity of making your dog appear more fashionable and protected. However, the existence of numerous dog apparel in the market triggers the need to consider the following pointers in a bid to make the right selection.

• Comfort

Before buying dog sweaters or other garments, ask yourself questions such as does your dog feel comfortable wearing clothes?. Doing so prevents you from rapidly introducing your pet to a lifestyle that it was not used to or one that causes great discomfort. Instead of introducing your pet to a dog tuxedo, consider more comfortable outfits like light dog t-shirts then observe the response. If the response is positive, you can add other outfits to the dog’s wardrobe.

• Size

When buying apparel for your canine like a dog tuxedo, make sure that you are well-versed with the dog’s body measurements. Having proper measurements aids in getting the appropriately sized clothes. This is because well-fitting clothes are safe and beneficial for a dog.

• Safety

Make sure that you purchase clothes that boost the safety status of your canine. In this case, ensure that the apparel you select is made from fire retardant fabric or material. Also, look for clothes that are devoid of decorations that can easily be chewed such as studs, buttons, pockets and beads. Garments that feature zippers should also be avoided since they can hurt your canine when the zipper gets entangled in the dog’s fur.

• Budget

Before heading out to shop for the ideal apparel, ensure that you stick to the budget set aside for shopping purposes. Although one may be tempted to go for designer dog clothing, it is vital to consider his or her financial capability. Mainly, this is because a person may end up with a few pieces after spending an enormous amount of money. If your budget is limited, look for high-quality dog garments sold at an affordable price in a bid to get many outfits.

• Quality of the Fabric

The fabric quality used to make a dog coat or any other preferred garment for your canine pet ought to be a crucial factor of consideration. Avoid buying clothes that feature anything short of high-quality fabrics. In this case, bear in mind that different dog breeds overheat more than others. Hence, proper clothing care ought to be taken when purchasing such clothes to avoid discomfort.

Whether you want clothes to keep your canine warm, comfortable and dry or simply make a fashion statement, consider visiting http://www.petdesignonline.com as your one-stop shop for all your dog clothing needs.


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