Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Use A Wood Dog Crate for Style and Durability

A wood dog crate offers pet owners much more than typical wire dog crates can provide. Style, durability, and choices in finish are some of the advantages of using wooden kennels. Wood crates come in various sizes, so they can be used for small to large dogs.

Why use wooden crates?

Typical wire cages are unsightly. They don’t go with any decor and tend to stand out in any room. The only way to keep a large dog kennel made of wire out of sight, is to hide it in a large laundry room or spare bedroom. This isn’t an option for many dog owners. Wire crates look like cages and aren’t very inviting to dogs.

Pet cages don’t need to look like cages. A wooden dog crate looks more like a piece of furniture. Many models can serve as end tables or occasional tables. they will fit into the living room or family room decor. Guests may not realize they’re looking at a dog crate. Wooden dog kennels blend with the home’s decor, while providing a comfortable, safe space for the dog to nap or sleep.

Wood dog kennels come in many different finishes, from light oak to dark cappuccino shades. designs can range from simpler shaker styles, to ornate styles with screen doors and carved floral or leaf patterns. Anyone who wants to get rid of the typical wire or plastic dog crate can find a suitable style and finish, to coordinated with the home’s furnishings and interior design.

Many wire dog carriers are flimsy. They seem sturdy enough, until you get them home and start to assemble them. The clips may not line up properly and some wire cages are easily bent, by larger, stronger dogs. Wood dog crates are not easily damaged and retain their shape. This makes them suitable for larger, stronger dogs. Some wood crates have wire framework inside, but the larger wooden box surrounds the wire, preventing a dog from pushing the wire cage outward or bending the frame.

Wire cages take up more space in a room, as they aren’t part of the home’s furnishings. When a wood crate is used instead, it becomes part of the furniture. This is a better solution for homes and apartments with limited space for a dog kennel. A wood crate with a flat surface can be used as an end table and will allow the dog owner to put items on the table surface. Dual purpose furniture or pet related items that save space and serve more than one function are highly sought after. Products like a wooden dog crate can be invaluable to dog owners with limited space.

All wood dog crates don’t have metal wire on the inside. Some are made completely of wood and contain slats in the ventilation areas. Others include metal bars in the door and on the sides, for strength and proper ventilation. Pet cages within wood frames are stylish, functional, and cozy spaces for dogs to relax.

Wood dog kennels tend to have fewer open spaces, though they do have plenty of ventilation. For homes with small children, wood crates may help keep hands from getting inside the kennel, where dogs can bit or scratch. When dogs sleep or rest in a kennel that looks like ordinary furniture, kids are not as tempted to bother a tired animal and less likely to be bitten.

What type of wood are these crates made of?

Wooden crates can be made of pine wood, MDF, and wood polymers. Any of these materials is strong enough to withstand the maneuvers of a dog, while holding typical items kept on a end table. Real wood frames are sturdy and can help keep dogs in their designated spaces, even overnight. Wood blends with most furniture styles and can help accentuate the room’s decor. It will not detract from the room like a wire cage, which can be an eyesore. A wood crate helps keep the dog feeling safe and secure. It may provide more darkness and quiet that a mesh wire kennel. It will also allow a dog to rest away from heavy foot traffic, for a more peaceful rest.

MDF furniture is designed for strength. Most pieces require some assembly. Wood dog crates are no exception. They require the dog owner to put them together. But, the process is easy and doesn’t take much time. Basic tools are all that is needed to assemble wood kennels. Wood dog kennels made of MDF come in different finishes. Some can be painted if dog owners get tired of the finish or decide to change the decor of the room later. Nontoxic paint should be used. But, with a little prior sanding, wood crates can be painted any attractive color desired.

Some dog crates are made recycled wood fibers, with polymers mixed in. These products are durable, as well as strong. They also come in many different finishes. They can incorporate wood slats, screened ventilation, or metal poles on the sides and front door. They are just as stylish as all wood models, can last just as long, and can be used as end tables.

A wood dog crate is an excellent solution for those who want something stronger than a thin wire cage, have limited space, or want to keep the dog from being the focal point of the room. There is a wood dog kennel for any sized dog. Styles and finishes can be coordinated with the home’s decor. Dogs can feel more secure and have a quieter place to nap or sleep. Dog owners who use these wooden kennels won’t have to use crate covers, as the interiors are less open and warmer. Wooden crates are suitable for owners who don’t need to transport their dogs, want a permanent place for the dog to sleep or chill out, and don’t have dogs that like to chew excessively. For a variety of options in wood dog crates, please visit http://www.petdesignonline.com, to grab your 15% off today. You can also browse many other types of dog care items, such as sweaters, toys, and more.


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