Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Dog Crates to keep your dogs safe!

Dog crates are quite popular among the dog owners. The crates come in different shapes, sizes and materials. These are generally used for activities like transporting the pet, training it or preventing it from moving around. Dogs are mostly allowed to move freely around the house and crates are used only once in a while. Do keep in mind that if you frequently force your dog into the crate for no apparent justification, it would amount to cruelty. A dog crate can be used for many other purposes as well. If you are travelling long distance with your dog by your vehicle, it would be better to carry the crate along. The crate can keep your dog safe in the event of light mishaps and provide privacy in the day or at night.

Types of dog crates!

A plastic crate gives more privacy as it is enclosed on all the sides except for an entry gate. It is properly ventilated though. There are different designs of these crates. Most of them have a lockable gate on one of the sides. You open the gate, put the puppy or dog in, and close the gate. The dog feels safe and comfortable inside it. It gets the desired privacy as well. Even airlines prefer plastic crates as they are sturdier and do not break even they tip over or something falls on them. It generally has two parts, the lower half and the upper half. These parts are put together using nuts and bolts.

On the other hand, wire dog crates allow the dog to see all around. At the same time, the dog is also conscious of being looked at. One of the ways to make the dog feel comfortable and safe is to cover the crate with a cloth. But this will still not prevent noise from going past the walls. A wired cage is collapsible. You can fold it in a flat piece of wire board. It is quite lightweight as well. If you want to allow your dog to observe around, then this crate would be an ideal choice. Some people call them dog cages as well. However, calling the dog crate a dog cage sounds a bit demeaning.

There are soft dog crates as well but these are useful only for well-trained dogs. A dog with even normal chewing tendency would rip open these types of crates. These are made of clothes or other soft materials.

Measuring the dog!

Before you set out to buy a dog crate, you need to take the measurements of the dog. Crates come in different sizes and unless you know the dog’s dimensions, you won’t be able to buy the right crate. Measurement of a dog includes its height and length though its thickness and weight are also important. Most of the time, the height and length of the dog somehow naturally equates with its thickness and weight.

Do I need large dog crates?

Large dog crates are useful for big dogs. Most of the sellers can provide you information about the various types of breeds and their respective size of crate. Make sure you don’t buy excessively large dog crates. It may sound a bit bizarre but extra large dog crates would fail to give a cosy corner to the dog. Further, dogs are prone to defecating inside the crate when they find extra space in there. The right size large dog crates would allow only enough space for the dogs to properly accommodate themselves. Dog crate furniture too comes in different shapes and sizes. It can be round, oval, rectangular or square. There are new designs in dog crate furniture like dome shape, and hexagonal shape as well. You can have dog crate furniture custom-made as well. Since the objective is to help the dog rest more comfortably, you can go for any type of design for the dog crate furniture. You can also convert your house furniture into a crate or a kennel. Another easy way of finding dog crate furniture is shopping online. There are many options available there and you can easily find the right one for your home.

A small dog crate: If you have a small dog or puppy at your home, you should go for a small dog crate. But don’t go for too small a crate. It should provide enough space for your dog to lie freely. The small dog crate is supposed to be well-ventilated.

What is a dog pen or a dog fence?

A dog pen is generally used in the same sense as a dog crate except that it may also mean a playing area for the pet. A play pen is generally bigger than a crate and allows the dog enough space for stretching or rolling. If you don’t want to confine the dog to the crates, you can go for a dog pen. A dog fence is even a bigger area in the lawn or the front of the house. It has fence around it to prevent the dog from escaping or wandering around. The fence can be bought online. The dog fence comes packed in flat pieces and you can assemble it without much effort.

Should I go for an outdoor dog kennel?

An outdoor dog kennel is one of the best ways to provide the dogs a private space of their own. These are also considered the ideal place for training them. Once you confine them in there, there is little chance of their wandering around or doing something that you don’t want them to do. An outdoor dog kennel or dog enclosure can make your life easy. However make sure that the outdoor dog kennel or the dog enclosure is big enough for your dog to stand and turn around.

If you are training your dog, don’t put any kind of mat or cushioning inside the crate. This would give the dog the opportunity to chew, which would defeat the purpose of training. Once the dog is properly trained, you can put all the things you want to put in there. For more useful resources and solutions, please visit http://www.petdesignonline.com to grab your 15% off today!


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Dressing your pup for any occasion has never been easier with our on trend, dog clothes. You and your beloved pet pooch can now step out in style with our wide range of in season dog clothes.
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Dog Outfits And More | Dog Sweater Coats, Dresses & Raincoats

Dressing your pup for any occasion has never been easier with our on trend, dog clothes. You and your beloved pet pooch can now step out in style with our wide range of in season dog clothes.
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