Thursday, May 25, 2017
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6 ways to find the right dog bedding!

There are many dog breeds and each has its own life span, vulnerabilities, preferences and socializing trends. Many people get so attached to a dog that they can’t even think of a life without it. In fact, some people take offence at calling it ‘it’. Since the dog has been socialized to the extent of becoming a family member, it expects the same kind of treatment as well. You need to provide it a nice place to sleep and good food to eat. Ideal dog bedding would be cosy, easy to get in and out, durable, and within your budget. Women naturally tend to care more for animals and dogs are definitely at the top of the list.

Why go for dog bedding?

The right kind of dog bedding is more important than what most people think. If the dog bedding is comfortable, the dog would stay there longer and won’t resist when you send it there. When you have somebody visiting your house you would like the dog to stay back in its place. An uncomfortable bed or dog crate would certainly be uninviting making the dog stay away from it. Further, if the dog can rest properly, it will behave better and stay calm. A tired dog may create problem for your family. Considering that dogs spend half of their lives sleeping, a proper dog bed becomes even more important.

What to consider when looking for a dog beds sale?

Dog beds come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Other than these, the age of the dog, its gender, climate conditions and the type of dog are also important factors that need to be taken into account. Among these, the last one refers to its breed, size, and nature. Some dogs are large and aggressive like the German Shepherd, while others are small and calm like the Pug. So, you have to be very sure of the type of the dog before you actually look for a dog beds sale. Some of the popular materials used for dog bedding include denim, microfiber, fleece, and flannel. They come in different shapes like oval, rectangular, and round. The market offers plenty of options for dog beds for small dogs or big ones.

How to measure your dog?

A dog is measured on the basis of its length and height. Its weight is also important. The length is measured from its tip of the nose to the base of the tail while its height is measured from the floor to its head. You can take its weight by taking it along to a Vet. Once you have these statistics ready, you can look for a dog beds sale for purchasing the right bedding for it.

Dog beds for small dogs and large dogs!

When buying dog beds for large dogs, you need to keep in mind that when in deep sleep, the dog stretches beyond its measured length and height. Its feet would protrude beyond its nose. Large dog beds too come in different shapes, sizes and materials. However, one of the problems with searching for dog beds for large dogs is that only dedicated pet stores keep large dog beds. It is easier to find dog beds for small dogs but finding dog beds for large dogs may turn out to be a hard nut to crack. Folding dog beds for large dogs would be easier to transport and store than the non-folding ones. The recent past has witnessed an increased trend toward designer dog beds for large dogs. These are more expensive than the traditional dog beds for large dogs though less expensive than the designer dog beds for small dogs.

Should I buy a dog crate?

A dog crate is used for a variety of purposes, right from breaking the dog to preventing it from chewing things. The dog crate is also used while transporting the dog or taking it along on a journey. Though a dog crate won’t make for an ideal bed, it would be more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. You can put some kind of mattress or cushioning inside the dog crate to make it more comfortable. Dog crate beds should strictly be chosen according to the measurements of the dog. In fact, allow a few inches more to the measurements so that the dogs do not feel stifled in the dog crate beds. But, don’t allow for a lot of free space. In fact, the biggest mistake some dog owners make is that they purchase a plus size dog crate even for small dogs. These kinds of dog crate beds won’t make them feel safe or comfortable. You can use a divider to adjust the size of the dog crate according to the growth of the dog.

Should I buy a washable dog bed?

If you don’t buy a washable dog bed, you will have to find a place to hide it every time somebody visits you. The reason is that the dog will make the bed dirty however clean you try to keep it. Other than this, unclean beds attract bacteria, fleas, pests and other parasites. It is advisable to buy a washable dog bed so that you can wash and clean it from time to time. Not buying a washable dog bed would be a waste of money as you will be forced to replace it in a few weeks. Other than looking dirty, it would also start smelling bad. Thus, a washable dog bed is far better under all the circumstances. Another thing you can do is buy dog bed covers. Removable dog bed covers can be easy to wash and clean. Even if the dog does not spoil the bedding then fungus and mould would grow on it. If you buy a washable dog bed or put on dog bed covers on the beds, you can get rid of these unwanted things quite easily.

Whether you buy dog beds for small dogs or large ones from a dog beds sale, make sure the design goes with the interior of your house. Though the dog can’t directly speak to you about the bedding, you can understand this from the amount of time it spends there. And do not forget to buy a washable dog bed and dog bed covers to keep your house clean. For more useful resources and solutions please visit to grab your 15% off today!


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